Digital technologies are radically transforming the world of dentistry.
Today the workflows in surgery, prosthodontics and orthodontics follow a 4-step process, called #SCAN! – # PLAN! – # MAKE! – # DONE!


In the light of these radical transformations, the dentist is faced with new challenges and must update his/her knowledge, in order to remain competitive, providing high quality services at low prices. The dentist must become digital!

Unfortunately, however, in the digital field, training is often delegated to the manufacturers of the devices, ending up being partial; or it is offered by academic institutions, which have a less practical orientation.

Dentist specialized in Digital Prosthesis

Francesco Mangano


Associate Professor at Sechenov University, Moscow (Russia) where he teaches Digital Dentistry. Editor, BMC Oral Health, Digital Dentistry Section. Editor, DentalTech. Founder, Active Member and Member of the Scientific Committee of the Digital Dentistry Society. Author of over 110 international scientific publications and speaker at scientific conferences in Italy and abroad.



Medical Doctor and Surgeon specialized in Digital Surgery

Carlo Mangano


Researcher at the IRTEC-CNR of Faenza, founder of the first in the world Master in Digital Dentistry. Adjunct Professor at the Vita e Salute University, San Raffaele, Milan. Editor, Dentistry Journal. Founder, Active Member and President of the Digital Dentistry Societ. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Osseointegration, and Fellow of the International College of Dentists. Author of about 250 international and national scientific publications, and speaker at Scientific Congresses in Italy and abroad.



Dentist specialized in Digital Orthodontics

Alessandro Mangano


Associate Editor of DentalTech, Active Member of the Digital Dentistry Society. Member of the Italian Society of Orthodontics and Italian Society of Pediatric Dentistry. Author of about 50 international scientific publications.


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Check out our new study CAD/CAM LiDISI veneers fabricated via a full digital workflow intraoral scan with Trios + CAD project with Exocad + direct milling in lithium disilicate + feather edge margins with Dr.Imburgia #digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist first paper of the year 2021 of dr. Francesco Mangano published today in the Eur J Prosthod Restorative Dent. with the great Mario Imburgia we report on CAD/CAM lithium disilicate veneers in a full digital workflow #digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist

From 2021, dr. Francesco Mangano will serve as section editor of the new Digital Dentistry Section of the prestigious Journal of Dentistry (IF 3.2). the new section will open soon. stay tuned! #digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist #digitaldentistrysociety


The importance of the scanbodies and their manufacturing tolerances in the full arch implant impression a new video from Dr. Francesco Mangano #digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist

Il terzo video della Mangano Digital Academy, in lingua italiana, e’ disponibile alla visione. Parliamo di scanbody. Buon Natale a tutti!!!! 🎄🎁🍾🥂#digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist #odontoiatriadigitale #dentistadigitale another prestigious paper published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, two in the same issue!!!! #digitaldentistry #thedigitaldentist paper 120 in my Pubmed list 😎

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